Can an International Student Buy a House In The USA?

Are you studying in the USA? And you are fed up with your house rent because rent is so expensive to bear for any student. So, you are planning to buy a house to get rid of the rent with your budget. That’s why you should know some things before buying a house in the USA. Can foreigners buy houses in the USA? Can a foreigner buy property in the USA? How long can you stay in the USA if you own property? Can I live in the USA if I buy a house? Can I get permanent residency if I buy any property in Canada? Also, Can an international student buy a house in the USA? How to buy a house as an immigrant? Can international students be real estate agents?

Students who live in the USA for their studies may live in a rental house. The rent of USA houses is so high for a student. Due to high rent, students prefer to buy an affordable house. Though, there are no laws in the United States that prohibit foreign students from buying a home. It’s up to you, if you can afford a house, you can buy a house in the USA. If you have good credit and a good income, you can easily afford a house for yourself. If you meet all the requirements to buy a residency, you should consult with a lender. 

So, if you went to the USA for your education and suffered from the rent of a house. You choose to buy an affordable house over than rental house. If you want more information about this topic, read this article that can be helpful for you. 

Can an International Student Buy a House In The USA?

Can an International Student Buy a House In The USA?

If a student went to the USA for their education. And he lives in a rental house, it will be a bother for him. In the USA, the rent of a house is so high, a student can’t pay rent every month. Instead of having a student visa, lenders will permit international students to borrow up to 90% of the purchase price for a specific visa. If you want, a few lenders can enable to offer you a mortgage on a discounted student visa. But be sure about your visa, because after your visa expires, you can’t stay home and country. The mortgage lenders can’t case against you for their money. So, if you are financially stable to buy a house in the USA, you can buy a home as per your demands. Also, an international student joins in US army.

The cost of living in the USA for students:

The average living cost for USA students is about $1000 to $1500 per month. The living expense is about $10,000 to $18,000 per year. As an international student, you have to pay a living cost of USD 1000 to 3000 along with other expenses. Also, international students have to pay tuition fees of about $8,000 to $55,000 per year. If you live in one apartment the price starts from $600, and in the shared room on campus, the prices start from $450. 

  • In public colleges about the academic year the cost of $9,800
  • In private colleges about the academic year the cost of $11,100

What Is The Procedure For An International Student To Buy a House?

As a non-citizen when you buy a house in the USA, you have to hire real estate professionals who can help you to buy a house. You have to search for a house as per your requirements. Though it’s quite tough you have to find a house according to your budget. In the USA, the system of buying a house is a little different from other countries. You need a proper guidelines for buying a new home. When you buy a house or property in the USA as a non-citizen, you need some things these are:

  • Your security number
  • A valid passport
  • A valid USA visa
  • Licenses
  • Bank statement
  • Tax rescue

How Much Down Payment To Buy a House In the USA For International Students?

To buy a house in the USA, you have to pay as per demand. How much money you have to pay that is depending on your present situation. But in the USA, the minimum condition is 20% of payment of the total amount price you have to pay before you want the approval to enter the house. If you want an F1 visa mortgage or loan, then you should apply to get the best house for yourself within your budget. But you should have a sufficient down payment of 20% that you can pay. Then consult with lenders, they can help you to choose the best house for yourself as your budget and demands.

Some important documents that you may need for mortgage application:

  • Your identity certificate
  • Your immigrant papers
  • Tax statements
  • Bank and assets statement
  • Your institute’s documents
  • The report of the house you may want to purchase

Can I Get Green Card If I Buy House In The USA?

Buying a house in the USA, won’t help you to get a green card. If you want to get a green card by investing in the United States, you need to sponsor a business or project that helps make at least 10 jobs. So, buying a home or an apartment won’t help you to get a job. Even if you invest in a real estate development project does not build employment. An international student can apply for a green card after 5 years of living in the United State.

You can’t get a green card by buying a house. But with EB 5 you are qualified for a green card with an investment of USD 500,00. It can help you to get a citizenship card or a green card. So, the property can’t provide international benefits. If you want an E-2 investor visa to set up a small business in the USA, you should invest $100,000 that can allow you to live in the United State. So, buying a house can’t help you to get a green card from the USA.

Is It Expensive To Live In The USA?

The expenses of living in the USA are increasing day by day. In the last 3 decades, the expenditure increased double. Though the cost of living in the USA is so high, you can’t say that this is the most expensive country in the world. Because the expenses are more expensive in a few cities of Europe country. So, this is cheaper than in some cities in the European country. In the whole world, the united states rank no at 20 according to the survey for a better quality of living. Also, the USA is 51 no of affordable for anyone.

The cheapest state in the USA for rent in West Virginia, the rent is about $800. And the cheapest city in the USA for rent is Toledo, Ohio, the rent is $550. Also, the most expensive state in the USA for rent in California, the rent is $1,901, and the most expensive city for rent in Los Angeles, the rent of this city is $2,600. But the average rent of the United State is $1,249.


In conclusion, we can say that when a student went to the USA for education you have lived there for a long time. And the rent of a house is so high for a student, monthly they have to pay a huge amount of money. So, if a student can buy a house, they should buy a house as per his situation and requirements. There are so many methods that have to follow by a student to buy a house. He has to check his passport and visa. And find a house he needs. So, we are briefly trying to show the right path, our article may be helpful for you. After reading this article, You would know Can an International Student Buy a House In The USA or not.