Can a School Kick You Out For Attendance?

Are you worried about being kicked out because of excessive absences? If you have missed too much class time, you might want to consider enrolling at a private high school. Private schools don’t have to follow the same rules as public ones.

Private institutions are usually tuition-based. They offer a wide range of courses from pre-school through college level. In addition to academic education, they also teach life skills such as leadership, teamwork, and communication.

A private school has its own admissions criteria, curriculum, and grading system. Some of them even offer scholarships or financial aid.

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Can a school kick you out for attendance?

It depends on the rules of each school district. Most of them provide every family with a school handbook that includes rules about suspension, expulsion, and attendance at school. If it is part of your school attendance policy to kick you out for low attendance, then yes. 

What is an unexcused absence?

An “unexcused absence” is when a student has not attended class without a valid excuse.  In most states, students must attend at least 80% of the days they are enrolled to remain eligible for federal financial aid. If a student misses too many days, he or she may lose eligibility for federal financial aid.

Whose responsibility is it to get my child to school?

In case of absences from school without an excuse, a student will receive a “school absence report card” which may result in additional consequences. The parent must sign this form if the student has missed 10 or more days. This form will not be sent to the school principal unless the student has missed 15 or more days.

What is the school’s responsibility?

The new law requires schools to provide students with “a safe and healthy environment” and prohibits them from using corporal punishment or expulsion as a disciplinary measure. They must also report all incidents of abuse to authorities within 24 hours.

What is a Dropout Prevention Committee?

The committee will consist of a school board member, parents, teachers, school administrators, school counselors, community members, and students who will meet regularly to discuss ways to improve attendance issues. The committee will develop strategies to address the root causes of truancy and ensure that all students receive the supports they need to succeed academically.


The new law requires faculty to provide students with a written notice explaining why they were absent. If a student fails to attend class within three days of receiving this notice, he or she will be considered a truant child and may face consequences including suspension or expulsion.

Daily Attendance Data

The new law requires school staff to report a daily attendance record to parents. This includes the number of students who were absent each day, the number of days missed, and whether it was excused absence or not. They must also provide this information by grade level and subgroup.

Common Reasons Students Miss School

The reasons students miss class varies widely depending on the student population. Some students may not have transportation, some may lack parental support, others may be dealing with mental health issues, and still, others may just be bored.

Does your student miss school because of transportation problems?

The new law requires schools to provide free bus service to students who live more than two miles from their institute. They must also ensure that students who do not use any transportation means are provided safe routes.

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Does your student miss school because of health issues?

If your child has a chronic illness, like asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, or food allergies, they may not be able to attend classes regularly. In addition, students who have developmental disabilities, mental health problems, or physical challenges will likely require special accommodations. These include providing alternative ways to keep track of assignments, having a quiet place to study, and extra time to complete tests.

Does your student want to miss school because of school work?

Yes, we know this happens all too often. It’s one of our top reasons why high school students drop out. If you suspect your child might be missing school time due to academic issues, talk to them about what they’re doing at home to keep up with homework assignments. They may not realize that they’re falling behind.

Does your student want to miss school and you are not sure why?

If you suspect your child is skipping class because they are depressed, suicidal, or having thoughts of self-harm, it is important to seek immediate medical attention. Your child may be experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, or psychosis. These symptoms should never be ignored.

Other ways schools can help families with student attendance

Schools can provide transportation, offer tutoring services, or connect students with community resources. They can also give parents information about what they can do to encourage better attendance at home.

What if the school says my child broke a rule?

If the student breaks a rule, they will not be punished unless it is clear that the punishment would cause serious harm. The student must receive notice of the violation and the opportunity to respond within 10 days. A student may appeal a suspension or expulsion decision by filing a written request with the principal within five business days of receiving the notice.

How many absences are allowed in a school year before the court?

The new law allows students to miss one school day without consequence if they are ill, but only if they notify within 24 hours of becoming sick. If they don’t, then they could face suspension or expulsion.

What happens if a school kicks you out?

If a student is kicked out, they will not be allowed to come back unless they meet certain requirements. These include attending classes regularly, staying away from drugs and alcohol, and making sure they attend all required medical appointments.

Can you get kicked out of school?

Yes, students can still be suspended or expelled if they miss too many days of school without an excuse. The law requires schools to provide alternative education programs for students who miss too many days of class. They may also suspend or expel students who commit serious crimes or pose a threat to others.

How do you get back into school after being kicked out?

You’ve been expelled from school. What now? How do you get back in?

Expulsion is a very serious issue. In some states, students who are expelled or suspended can face criminal charges. If you are facing expulsion, there are several things you should do.

  • Contact a lawyer immediately.
  • Understand both sides of the story 
  • Get emotional or behavioral support
  • Read your state discipline laws
  • Keep copies of related documentation
  • Prepare for the hearing process
  • Think carefully about appealing 

There are various ways to get back in school. The first step is to file a petition for reinstatement. This requires gathering evidence of your good character and showing that you have learned from your experience. Your child may also need to meet certain requirements to return. The requirement may be written in a customized school re-entry plan.