Are You Still Friends With Your High School Friends?

You’ve graduated from college, got married, had kids, moved away, changed jobs, etc. Now you’re back in touch with some of your old friends. Are they still your friends?

The question of whether or not to reconnect with your old friend circle has become a common topic of discussion. Some people say yes, others no. And then some people don’t care either way.

Remember that everyone changes over time. If you haven’t seen someone in years, chances are they’ve changed too. So, before you decide to reach out to them, ask yourself these questions: Is it worth it? What would I gain from reconnecting? Will it bring me joy?

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Are You Still Friends With Your High School Friends

Are you still friends with your high school friends?

The first step is to decide whether you want to stay connected with them. If you do, then you’ll need to figure out what kind of friendship you’d like to have with them. Do you want to hang out now and again? Or would it be better if you only kept in contact when you needed something from them? Would you prefer to see them once a year at a family gathering, or maybe twice a month?

Why You’re Not Going To See Your Friends After High School?

If you’re going to college, you might feel like you’ll never see some of your old friends again. But it’s important to remember that you’re not obligated to stay in touch with everyone you knew back home. It’s perfectly fine if you decide to focus on your new life now.

How College Friends Are Different Than High School Friends?

If you’ve ever had friends in college, then you know what I’m talking about. They were fun at first, but after a few years, they start to become annoying. They always seem to be doing something new, like starting a band or getting into politics. It’s hard to tell if they’re really growing up or just trying to find something to do. Either way, it’s hard to hang out with them anymore because you never know where they’ll end up next.

By going to college alone you make new friends

College is where you meet people who will become lifelong friends. It’s where you find out what kind of person you are. It’s where you figure out if you like yourself. It’s where you discover your passions and interests. It’s where you start to build your career. It’s where you grow into adulthood.

Your high school friends can still be your friends

If you haven’t kept in contact with them, it’s okay! It doesn’t matter if they were your closest friend or your worst enemy. The important thing is that you know who they are and what they’ve become. You may find yourself thinking “I wonder what happened to so-and-so?” or “What was she like back then?” But you should not worry about it. Just remember that you’re happier without them.

Did You Stay In Touch With Your High School Friends?

It relies on what type of person you are. If you were always the popular kid, then it’s probably safe to say you kept in touch with everyone. But if you were the shy nerd, then maybe you didn’t stay in touch with everyone. It’s okay to admit that you weren’t the best friend to everyone.

How do High School Friends Last?

The answer is simple: they don’t. One of the biggest regrets I hear from students is that they didn’t stay in touch with their old friends. It’s easy to see why. One way to keep friendships lasting is to become a person who can forgive others. Reaching out to the person instead of having the friendship fizzle is always worth a try. 

What If You Have No Friends in High School?

High school was tough, wasn’t it? I mean, who wants to hang out with their friends after school? And even worse, who wants to go back to high school?

The best old days of high school are long gone. Nowadays, students spend hours at school every day. They don’t have time for their social lives or play sports outside of school. They barely have time to eat lunch. If you have no friends in high school, it’s fine. You can focus on yourself, do gym or workout, do meditation, or pick up sports. 

How to Go to College With Your High School Friends and Still Meet New?

If you’re going to college, it’s important to find people who share similar interests and values. This will allow you to form a lasting friendship that will last long after graduation. It’s also important to remember that many of your friends from high school may not be interested in what you’re doing now. So if you’re looking to meet new people, try joining clubs at your university or volunteering somewhere.

Are people still friends after high school?

In my experience, yes. The friendships I’ve kept through the years have been some of the best I’ve ever had. But it’s important to remember that everyone has different needs and priorities. If you’re not happy with your current situation, then it’s perfectly reasonable to move on.

Are high school friends important?

High school friendships are important because they provide a safe place where you can talk about things that might otherwise feel too awkward to discuss with people outside of your family. They give you a chance to practice being social and to figure out what it means to be part of a social circle. Friendships from this period will likely last into adulthood and often serve as the foundation for future relationships.

Do friends stay in touch after high school?

If you’ve made it through high school, chances are you’ll have some friends from back then. But if you haven’t kept in touch with them, you may find yourself wondering why. It’s easy to assume that they’re busy with their lives and careers and maybe they don’t feel like keeping in touch. But what if they’re interested in keeping in touch? What if they care enough about you to reach out?

What percentage of friends stay after high school?

A study published in The Journal of Adolescent Health found that only 30% of students stayed in contact with their high school friends after graduation. This number was higher among those who were closer to graduating (40%) than those who were further away from graduating (22%).

Is it normal to lose friends after high school

It’s perfectly normal to lose friends after college. It happens every day. But if you find yourself losing friends at an alarming rate, it might be worth looking into why. There are many reasons people drift apart from each other, including moving away, getting married, having kids, starting new jobs, and so on. If you’re worried about losing friends, try asking them what they think is going on. Maybe they’ll tell you something you didn’t know before.

Reason Why Your High School Friends Are Your Lifelong Friends

If you find yourself thinking about your old friends from high school, it may be time to reconnect. But before you start making plans, consider what kind of friend you want to be. Do you want to be someone’s best friend? A confidant? Someone they can count on? Or maybe you’d like to be a mentor or role model. Whatever type of friend you choose to be, you’ll need to think about why you want to be that person and whether you’re willing to invest the effort required to become that friend.

High school friends are your lifelong friends because of many reasons including:

  • They were there for you through your heartbreak or bad time
  • You pretty much grew up together and made promises to each other 
  • They can share all of the inside jokes and embarrassing stories with you
  • You kept some of each other’s stuff like books or notes for memories
  • They understand you by your facial expressions 
  • They were your great therapist