Are Tattoos Allowed In High School?

A tattoo is created by piercing the skin with a needle and inserting ink and pigment into the deeper layers of the body’s skin. Tattoos are also known as permanent body art. You may want to know what is high school age and what age can you get a tattoo. Are students allowed to have tattoos at school? Also, does getting a tattoo hurt? Can teachers have piercings and tattoos? Also, are tattoos bad or good? Are body tattoos unhealthy? Can you have a tattoo in high school sports?

Usually, school students don’t have permission to have any visible tattoos. But a few schools are allowed tattoos for teaching staff or school students. Although teachers don’t permit students to get tattoos, they usually don’t forget to include them in the code of manners in their student manuals. Tattoos are a form of showing people self-expression and creativity. In the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, they consider 18 to be the best age to get a tattoo. But having your parents’ consent, you can get a tattoo under the age of 18, depending on the state in which you live. 

In this article, we want to inform you if tattoos allow in high school or not. There is some important information for you. If you want more detail, follow this guide.

Are Tattoos Allowed In High School?

What Is Tattoo?

A mark or design fixed on the skin of the human body. A tattoo is indefinite and is formed by the insertion of pigment under the skin. Tattoos are made with cut skin and wound tissue of the body. A form of tattoo art is used even when a created design.

A tattoo artist can only use shading or coloring techniques with a simple readymade design that is already considered art. The purpose of the tattoo is to serve as a spiritual ritual; Devotion, ornaments of heroism, signs of fertility, and promises of love. Amulets and prisoners. 

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Some types of tattoos are:

  • Traditional Tattoo style: Traditional tattoos are made with bold lines and bright colors like crosses and skulls.
  • Neo-Traditional Style Tattoo: Neo-traditional tattoos have thick and rich aesthetics, constantly depicting blooms, women, animals, etc.
  • Tribal Tattoo: Making tribal tattoos as solid black dots and lines, meant for religious or sacred places.
  • Watercolor Tattoo: The watercolor tattoo is a bright, dynamic mark made up of several light-colored angles and patterns that gradually fade the color.
  • Blackwork Tattoo: This type of tattoo is made only with black ink, using no color.

Are Tattoos Allowed In High School?

Most states allow teens to get a tattoo 18. You can get a tattoo if you are 14 or 16 years old with the consent of your parents.

Some high schools prohibit tattoos for students. The incidence of body piercing is 27%, and the incidence of tattooing is 8% among high school students.

Keeping a tattoo does not stop learning and should be a personal matter. The biggest reason many school systems do not permit tattoos is that teachers get negative feedback from parents.

Can High School Teachers Have Tattoos?

In the United States, some schools do not permit visible tattoos for a teacher. But a few schools allow teachers to have a tattoo.

If a school has a rule and a teacher has a clean tattoo, they should cover it because it a visible but prudent and can’t insult a tattoo. Tattoo teachers will get their verdict on what is professional and suitable for them at the workplace.

Unfortunately, most teachers and parents do not mind getting tattoos and do not think they can negatively affect children. Some religion-based schools, conservative areas, and small towns don’t allow them to have a tattoo more than in progressive areas.

How Much Do Tattoos Cost?

There are several types of tattoos with different prices. If you want a small tattoo, the price would be near $50 to $150. A medium-sized tattoo price will be $150 to $400. For half sleeve tattoos, the cost will be around $500 to $3000, and for a full sleeve tattoo, the price will be $2000 to $5000.

Also, it will depend on which type of artist you hire solo artist, the rate will be $100 – $200 per hour, and a pro artist’s rate will be $150 $200 per hour. If you want to art tattoos from a famous artist price will be more than $250 per hour.

Can You Work In A High School Library With Tattoos?

If you have a tattoo, you may want to go to the high school library, you should hide your tattoo. In more casual school situations, librarians may accept tattoos at work as a symbol of identity.

If you go to a high school or college library for an interview, you should hide your tattoos and wear fairly traditional clothing. For librarians, tattoos look unprofessional, but the description is old and young people are ready to throw them away. 

Can You Have a Tattoo in High School Sports?

In the high school sports set, tattoos have become a common part. Some schools have no laws against showing or displaying tattoos during practice or play. But some school players disagree with the public display of tattoos on the playground.

A player or manager may have a tattoo it is not related to job. NCAA has no rules regarding having visible tattoos on student-athletes. It depends on which high school you read in.

Can You Get Temporary Tattoos For a High School?

Although some schools do not allow students to have tattoos on their skin, students may have temporary tattoos. Temporary tattoos are the best options for high school students these tattoos are very simple to apply to the skin and easy to remove. Also, it won’t painful to apply to the skin.

The cost of temporary tattoos will be around $5 to $15. Temporary tattoos are an excellent way to experiment with design, size, and placement before applying permanent ones. These tattoos stay 2-6 days, also depending on size.

Are Tattoos Safe for Teenagers?

The best age for applying for tattoos is over 18. But in some cases, with parental consent, teens up to the age of 13 get a tattoo. Most teenage tattoo students were clueless about the associated health risks.

A few teens are trying to show their feelings by getting a tattoo. Tattoo ink has side effects like ink allergy reactions, scarring, redness, bump, skin itch, and painful blood diseases. Tattooing is related to hepatitis B.

Teenagers want to get a tattoo, it reminds them permanently of a certain time in their life. So, you can say tattoos may not safe for teenagers.


Although tattoos become so famous, some schools still do not allow for visible tattoos. Above all, we showed that students could apply for tattoos in high school with parental and school consent. Teenagers want to make tattoos on their skin, which causes harm to them due to some side effects. The cost of tattoos is different, it varies in size and design. Also, there are some facts that you should know about tattoos before applying. After reading this article, your idea will be clear about Are tattoos allowed in high school or not.