Top Best Universities In Shirak 2023 (Ranking)

Here, we are presenting a list based on universities qualities. For students who want to get admitted into a university, our list and article both will be helpful for them. All of these universities are the best in Shirak, Armenia. These universities’ facilities and services will impress any students.

In this article, students can measure their qualities, academic, nonacademic facilities, performance, education system, and others information. After reading this article, students can be able to decide to get admitted into a university as per their requirements.

What are the top best universities in Shirak?

Check the list below to find and know the best universities in Shirak:

  1. Shirak State University
  2. Progress University of Gyumri

Best universities in Shirak

1. Shirak State University

Shirak State University is a public university in Shirak, the Northern part of Armenia. It has offers 28 bachelor’s degrees as well as 16 master’s degrees. There are around 6000 students.

This university provides many facilities and services to its students, such as a library, sports facilities, exchange programs, administrative services, and scholarships.

Shirak State University
Year of Founded1934
Institute TypePublic
Graduation TypeBoth undergraduate and post-graduate
Number of Faculties7

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2. Progress University of Gyumri

The Progress University Of Gyumri is a private institute located in the small city of Gyumri. This university is a co-educational higher education institute. It is officially known by the Ministry of education.

International applicants can also apply for admission. The Progress University Of Gyumri also provides many facilities and services. They have a sports hall with international standards, a reading hall, a computer lab and so on.

Progress University of Gyumri
Year of Founded1990
Institute TypePrivate
Graduation TypeBoth undergraduate and post-graduate
Number of Faculties9


It might be hard to find a perfect university that fulfills all of your requirements. That’s why you have to make your mind what you actually want when it comes to getting admission to a university. In this list, we have tried to include everything that you need to know.

In this list of best universities in Shirak, we have two universities. Both of them are well known. And they have great qualities.