Top Best Universities In Bushehr 2022 (Ranking)

Building up a career is very important for every person, for that student need better education. That’s why students should have to select a good university for their bright future. Here, we are bringing an article with a list of the top best universities of Bushehr. Students might be helpful from this list.

In this list, we have considered all the best universities based on their academic quality, different facilities, and many more things that will help you to choose the best one. These universities are top grade, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

What are the top best universities in Bushehr?

Check the list below to find and know the best universities in Bushehr:

  1. Bushehr University of Medical Sciences
  2. Persian Gulf University
  3. Islamic Azad University, Bushehr

Best universities in Bushehr

1. Bushehr University of Medical Sciences

The first university on this list is Bushehr University of Medical Sciences. It is a public medical-based institute. It was established in 1983. They have 17 different fields of medical sciences. So you can say this institute is a great option for education. The Ministry of Health and Medical Education of Iran has approved this institute.

Bushehr University of Medical Sciences
Year of Founded1983
Institute TypePublic
Graduation TypeBachelor’s
Number of Faculties5

2. Persian Gulf University

If you are looking for a public university in Bushehr, then this Persian Gulf University would be a great option. This university is one of the largest that you will see in Iran. Also, it is one of the oldest institutes. From bachelor’s to doctorate, you can complete your courses and programs here.

Persian Gulf University
Year of Founded1991
Institute TypePublic
Graduation TypeDiploma, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate
Number of Faculties11

3. Islamic Azad University, Bushehr

Islamic Azad University, Bushehr is a private university. The Ministry of Science Research and Technology of Iran has approved this institute has approved this university. There are several academic and non-academic facilities for students here. Overall it is a nice place for higher education.

Islamic Azad University
Year of Founded1985
Institute TypePrivate
Graduation Type
Number of Faculties2


For a student, wanting a perfect university as per his claims is difficult. But we have tried to make a list based on the best universities in Bushehr. After reading this article, students can quickly select a university as per their demands. All of these universities are the best in their way. These universities have their special qualities and great performance.

This is the list of Best Universities In Bushehr. These universities are top-level in this area. All you need to make sure to choose one that will fulfill all of your requirements. Make sure to choose any one of them wisely for you better education.

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