Top Best Universities In Kandahar 2023 (Ranking)

Those universities are from Kandahar of Afghanistan. We have made a list depend on faculties numbers, institute type, qualities, graduate type, and so on. We also try to show you their teaching and academic performance and improvement. Here we are giving you the list of the best universities in Kandahar.

After seeing the popularity and facilities of those universities, students can easily choose their options. International students are can also read in those universities. Students get the chance to research and other activities opportunities to know them better.

These universities made a great reputation in their region. With all this noteworthy information students can decide which university will be suitable for them to reach their ambitions.

What are the top best universities in Kandahar?

Check the list below to find and know the best universities in Kandahar:

  1. Benawa Institute of Higher Education
  2. Kandahar University

Best universities in Kandahar

1. Benawa Institute of Higher Education

In Kandahar, the Benawa Institute of Higher Education is accredited by the Ministry Of Higher Education of Afghanistan. This university provides several courses and programs to its students. They have some academic and non-academic services as well. The Benawa institute is now entered on a journey to gain the next level of success.

They want to provide the new generation in the field of science, technology, and research for an enhancement of the Afghan society.

Benawa Institute of Higher Education
Year of Founded2013
Institute TypePrivate
Graduation TypeUnder-graduate
Number of Faculties2

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2. Kandahar University

Kandahar University is located in the medium city of Kandahar. Averagely, in these 29 years, Kandahar University becomes updated day by day.

Moreover, two faculty have been founded as a separate sector of Kandahar University in Helmand. Kandahar University is a small co-educational institute in Afghanistan. There is a separate entrance hall for women.

The admission rate range is 40-50% as a selective institute. This university has approximately 9000 students and around 270 full-half time professors. A beautiful mosque is located nearby the university.

Kandahar University
Year of Founded1991
Institute TypePublic
Graduation TypeBachelor
Number of Faculties11


From this list, we can analyze that Kandahar has amazing universities where students can build up their bright future. Besides, the education they can also practice other activities. Whoever wants to admit into these universities, should read this article which will be greatly helpful for them.

After seeing, their maintenance of qualities students will more interested to get admitted to these universities. Kandahar has emerged as the highest educational goal.

We are just trying to show you the right path for your better future. Above this information, it will help to know which university fits you to become successful in your life.